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UPDATE 2, 11/09/99


Mon., 10/18 - Borrowed Rachel’s car so we could run errands. Watermaker repairman coming today. Hope to leave tomorrow.

Tues., 10/19 - Watermaker not fixed yet. Looks like we’ll be here til Wednesday. Adrien has to pick up a part in Long Beach and have it installed. Expensive day: night vision binocs; stabilizing binocs, misc. stuff at West Marine (they love to see us!); digital camera.

Wed., 10/20 - Another trip to Long Beach for membranes for the watermaker. Adrien now knows the insides and outs of the watermaker. I installed insulation for the freezer. Imagine me on my back looking upside down in an engine room! Michelle Berube came by and spent the afternoon and part of the evening with us. She had to wait until the watermaker tests were complete and lo and behold it works!!! Rachel and Ed came by around 8:30 p.m. to pick up the car and say goodbye. It was really a godsend having wheels.

Thurs., 10/21 - Off to Catalina. Once again no wind. Dolphins playing and jumping along side the boat. Moored at Avalon Bay, dinghied into town and had dinner. Short but pleasant stay.

Fri., 10/22 - Left Catalina in the fog, used radar until noontime when fog lifted. More dolphins along the way. Entered San Diego channel around 5:30 p.m. but didn’t anchor until after dark. It’s a long way and a large area and we weren’t quite sure where to anchor. The first place was very crowded so we went a little further and found a really nice anchorage. We had to go under a bridge. I was behind the wheel and asked Adrien how tall is the bridge. He said it was tall enough. Well, I wasn’t quite happy with that answer and was a bit nervous about going under it, so Adrien took the wheel. We went very slowly under the bridge in neutral. (We probably cleared the bridge by 100 feet, but it never hurts to be too cautious.)

Sat., 10/23 - The anchorage turned out to be by the Coronado Yacht Club, so we applied for reciprocal rights and were able to park our dinghy and do laundry at their facility. I cleaned the inside of the boat getting ready for our crew to arrive tomorrow. Dinghied over to the Marina where the party is tomorrow for the Baja Ha Ha. Also dinghied to West Marine to pick up Adrien’s night vision binoculars that were ordered in Marina del Rey. It was getting a bit chilly and we were both in shorts, so we had to buy some Polartek jackets and pants to make the dinghy ride back to the anchorage.

Sun., 10/24 - Cabrillo Isle Marina for briefings on the race; met up with crew (Sam & John and Wayne & Merike); Adrien and I wore Halloween costumes (I was a pirate and Adrien wore his ballerina costume from a few years ago - he was a big hit and had his picture taken quite a bit.) Back to the boat to get crew settled in - some rearranging of stowed stuff to accommodate crew’s gear.

Mon., 10/25 - John, Sam & Merike to Costco for provisioning of food; I spent 2 hours at the Yacht Club’s laundromat with a couple of other people; Wayne was trying to debug Adrien’s computer; Adrien is just plain working on boat stuff and dinghying everyone back and forth. Later this afternoon, Adrien, Wayne and Merike along with 4 other people from the boat "Log On" went to find some dive equipment and other essentials for tomorrows departure. Trip took longer than expected...leftovers for dinner.

Tues., 10/26 - The race begins, but we didn’t make the starting time of 11:00 A.M. Sam and John dinghied Wayne to the Yacht Club so he could turn in the van we had rented and also go apply for fishing licenses (which we are suppose to have as we sail to Mexico). Sam was going to fax some stuff from the YC Office for us and then they would return to the boat to help get ready for our departure. We would then leave the anchorage and pick up Wayne at the fuel dock around 10:00 a.m. Well, as things would have it we were running about 1 hour behind. We picked up Wayne at about 11:00 to find out he was unable to get the licenses because he needed the boat documentation. Oh, well, we just won’t fish on our way down! We arrived at the starting line at noon and set sail! We even had our picture taken by a helicopter photographer.

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Start of the Millenium BAJA HA HA '99

We started our shifts at 3:00 pm and kept them the whole way. We did 4 hours on and 8 hours off and there were two people per shift. It worked pretty well.

Weds., 10/27 - We put up the spinnaker today around noon and were sailing pretty good all day. Adrien decided to leave it up in the evening since the wind was pretty steady (20-25 knots) and we were making good time. At around 2:00 a.m. there was a sudden gust of wind combined with a rogue wave that pushed our stern to port...the Spinny blew up...shredded at the head. It was wrapped around the furled jib and exerting lots of pressure. was flapping on the starboard side of the boat. Adrien made a "all hands on deck" call and we all went topside to try and bring the spinnaker in. To make a long story short, we were able to bring the spinnaker on deck, but we had to cut it loose a few feet from the port clew. I don’t know what it is about this boat and sails, but I’m really getting tired of seeing Adrien and his knife on the sails. This was a true test of teamwork and we all passed with flying colors.

Thurs., 10/28 - Our first stop, Turtle Bay. We pulled in around midnight and found a spot in the bay to anchor. It’s a pretty small anchorage with a very small town. We dinghied into shore and found a little store where we could buy some water and soft drinks. Kids greeted our dinghy and we paid them to watch it for us. We went back to the boat and moved the boat a little closer to shore as Adrien needed to go up the mast to untangle some lines due to the spinnaker episode and wanted to be where there weren’t any swells. We cooked some salmon for dinner and had a very nice dinner up on deck with the whole crew.

Fri., 10/29 - Today was going up the mast day and wouldn’t you figure the wind came up and we were swaying from side to side a bit. Oh, well, Adrien went up anyway and found the problem and took care of it. Wayne wanted to go up just for fun, so we hoisted him up with the video camera to get some pictures of the beautiful view of the anchorage. We dinghied over to the Beach Party around 3:30 and stayed til sundown. Getting back was an adventure since the wake was pretty big on shore and trying to time it just right to go out. Well, guess what? We didn’t time it so well and flooded the boat, and soaked ourselves. The good news is we didn’t flip the dinghy like some of the other boats.

Sat., 10/30 - We set sail for our second leg at 9:15 a.m., this time with the whole fleet. It’s quite spectacular going out with a group of 125 boats, especially those with their spinnakers flying.

Sun., 10/31 - Happy Halloween! The weather has been great, even in the evenings sailing. And the sky is so clear. We are able to see all kinds of constellations. At first it was a bit scary for me sailing at night, but once I got used to looking at the radar to see what was close to us and spotting the boats around us I felt pretty confident. Also, Adrien found me a little light I could clip on to my collar and do my needlework while on my watch. Not much wind so we pulled all the sails down around 10:30 p.m. and motored all night...that dreaded motor sound...yuck!!!

Mon., 11/1 - We arrived at Bahia Santa Maria about 8:30 p.m. and anchored using the night vision binoculars. They’re so helpful!

Tues., 11/2 - No real village at this anchorage, but we did have a Beach Party that one of the locals (KOJAK) hosted. He sold lobsters, shrimp and some other fish dinners for anywhere from $7 to $15 dollars. The beer was a dollar a bottle. There was live music and plenty of fun. We took a water taxi (panga) back to our boat, and it doesn’t seem to matter what transportation I take to and from the dinghy, I manage to get drenched.

Wed., 11/3 - The fleet left for Cabo San Lucas at 7:00 a.m. It was nice to get an early start. We knew we would have one whole day of sailing and then depending on the winds we would arrive in Cabo some time tomorrow afternoon.

Thur., 11/4 - We crossed the finish line at 1:38 p.m. We anchored off the beach, which was pretty rolly. Adrien dinghied John, Wayne and Merike to shore so they could look for hotel rooms. About 15 minutes later we saw Adrien being towed back to the boat by a panga. Apparently, when he went to drop off the group, they didn’t get out of the boat in time and the engine, batteries and boat were flooded. Let’s just say it was an electrifying experience for Adrien...the submerged starting battery mixed with salt water sorta made his hair stand up for awhile. He got the dinghy dried out and back in running order just as the crew returned by panga. They had scored on hotel rooms and left immediately. I’ve never seen 4 people pack up so quickly! We made arrangements to meet up later for drinks and dinner.

Fri., 11/5 - This morning was check-in day with immigration. What a process. We managed to get most of it done, at least the part that would take care of Wayne & Merike and Sam & John, so they would not have any problem when they left by plane. Tonight was the beach party in front of one of the hotels in Cabo. We hailed a panga and were going to have them drop us off on shore. Well, guess what? Not only did I get soaked, I slipped off the boat before it was up on the beach and was totally immersed, clothes, fanny pack, and all. It was really scary as I couldn't touch bottom when I came up. I swam toward the boat and finally could touch bottom. I was helped back into the boat and we went back to our boat for the evening.

Sat., 11/6 - Awards presentations this evening with the Baja Ha Ha Fleet. What a great surprise to find out the L’eau Life placed 2nd in our division, the Kilo division. Everyone was a winner and no one placed less that 4th in their divisions and some divisions had 8 or 10 boats. They had some goofy awards, too for some of the crazy things that happened along the way. They also gave awards to the youngest person aboard a boat (2 years and 1 month) and the oldest (89-year-old mother of one of the skippers). There was one boat with crewmembers with an average age of 65. Quite an age spread.

Sun., 11/7 - Moved the boat to a slip at the Cabo San Lucas Marina. It was really nice to stop the motion for a while. We signed up to stay for about a week since we are waiting for Adrien’s mail to be sent and we need to clean up the boat with fresh water...and we're in no rush to go anywhere.

Mon., 11/8 - Today I spent 5 hours doing our laundry at the Marina laundromat. In between loads I was able to start cleaning inside the boat and straightening the shelves after the trip. Adrien started running some errands. We tried to log on to his email, but have not had any luck yet. AT&T WorldNet is not as easy to get to from here. He’s thinking of changing his service provider. Also, the cell phone doesn’t work here without changing to a Mexican Cellular provider, so we have to look into that, too. Not as easy as we thought to communicate. Iridium phone is ordered...even though they are going out of business...of course they've been going out of business for close to a year now...but that's another story.

Tues., 11/9 - Today is errand day. We took our bikes and rode around. Cabo is not a bike friendly city, plus some of the roads are pretty bumpy. Oh, well, it makes for an interesting ride.

This catches you all up to date on our escapades. Keep in touch and hopefully soon we’ll be able to respond by email to those of you who have written.

Hasta luego.

Paula & Adrien




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UPDATE 1, 10/17/99

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Oct 9: Thank you all who attended the wonderful send-off celebration. Very special!!!

Oct 10: Grand departure, Blue Angels escort out the Golden's Fleet Week and they were scheduled anyway. CREW: Paula, Miguel, Steve, Perry & Jerry. DEST: Half Moon Bay. Great sail, but to weather, not supposed to be that way when you turn left. Had a chat with the boat!!! Good anchorage...good first day. (Didn't let anyone off the boat)

Oct 11: Half Moon to Santa Cruz. CREW: Paula, Miguel, Steve, Perry & Jerry.  Eggs and Bacon for breakfast... MMMMMM!!! Convinced (SHANGHAI'D) Perry & Jerry to S.C. . Miguel promoted to Ground Crew

Oct 12: Santa Cruz to Monterey. CREW: Paula, Steve, Tony. Wonderful sail, ideal conditions, SEA CRUISE...OUWEE BABY...WON'T YOU LET ME TAKE YOU ON A... SEA CRUISE. met up with Miguel, had a grand dinner with great friends/crew.

Oct 13/14: Monterey to Santa Barbara. CREW: Paula, Steve. Overnighter...210 NMiles...30 hour run. Motored mostly except for a few hours sailing. Winds not cooperating, but a good run nonetheless. Got the standing watch thing going, needs fine tuning but worked good. Pulled in mid-afternoon, met some new friends, Gary and Mary, who whisked Steve away. Paula and I are on our own for the next couple of legs. We're Ready!!!

Oct 15th: Santa Barbara to Marina del Rey. CREW: Paula. 72 miles, left at 07:15, arrived 16:50. Serene day, no wind, motored all the way, slightly hazy but very pleasant. More chores done while underway.

Staying in L.A. till Tuesday, WaterMaker gets worked on, on Monday.  Next stop: "LITTLE CATALINA IS A WAITIN FOR ME...ROMANCE..ROMANCE..ROMANCE ROMANCE" , and then onto San Diego for the start of the BAJA HAHA cruising race. It's Saturday night/Sunday Morning now, staying at Rachel & Ed's, we just had dinner with Michel (cousin) & Allen, I'm catching up with email and updating this web site.

wpeD.jpg (1552 bytes) is treating us real well. She seems happy to be out cruising again.

Bon Soir

Adrien and Paula

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